3 Major Times Aisha Buhari Showed What Kind of Woman She Really is (Photos)

Many think being a mother is all about caring and nurturing. Well, it is but what kind of woman makes an amazing mother? Right m0rals and virtue is one thing but we are talking of the outer appearance. Maybe we should just let you know, a real woman is a goddess and those beautiful beings created fashion.
Who better to analyze then than the number one lady of the country? Yes! Power and wealth is attractive, Aisha Buhari is our topic of discussion.
A modest woman is attractive to the right people. Fashion in the 21st century might be showing those creamy legs in a dangerously thigh-slitted skirt but to those who understand the deeper side of fashion, it really is how much attention you can get for looking glamorous.
First Lady Aisha Buhari carries fashion as her birthright and we can permit her to rule that world for as long as she wants. Looking stylish goes beyond matching colours, it is displaying confidence in what you choose to wear. For the First Lady it is showing that her class and style is simplicity that captures the heart in seconds.
1. The moment she showed the world how to look stunning by just appearing in a photo.
2. The fancy magazine-reading moment when she matched velvet head-tie with stones on her dress.
3. Proud mother in traditional attire.