Check out 5 Outrageously Expensive Cars Hushpuppi Was Spotted With on Social Media (Photos)

It is no longer news that controversial Nigerian millionaire based abroad, Ray Hushpuppi, loves to live a luxurious lifestyle. He is always going on one shopping spree or another.
Popularly known as the Gucci ambassador, Hushpuppi does not only love to flaunt his wealth on social media, the young man also claims to be a philanthropist and a businessman as he embarks on several trips in a private jet.
However, there are some individuals who spend huge sums on luxuries and at the same time constantly expose their wealth for the public to see and where they get all the money they flaunt from remains absolutely unclear.
We exclusively gathers different times the young millionaire was spotted in exotic and expensive cars.
According to research, this car comes with a starting price of N92,358,000. With a twin-turbo 3.9-liter V-8 located just behind the driver’s seat, the 488GTB generates a sonorous wail and ferocious acceleration all the way to 8000 rpm, where it makes 661 hp.
To complement the car, Hushpuppi stepped out in a matching Givenchy outfit from his top to his short and his purse.
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The millionaire seems to be a lover of Ferrari. Ray Hushpuppi was in December, 2017, spotted with a yellow Ferrari. He took the picture in parking lot and shared the picture on Instagram. And as usual, he matched his clothes with the colour of his top.
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Hushpuppi no doubt loves to live a flashy and fancy lifestyle. Also on December 9, 2017, the young man was seen with this expensive car. The ride was driven by a muscular V12 engine, it is said to be one of the most powerful series of this brand.
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After having enough of the Ferrari and Rolls Royce, Hushpuppi was also spotted in a black Maserati. As usual, the tried to dress in matching outfit with his car. He was seen black and red ensemble as the chauffeur opened the door of the car for him.
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Hushpuppi was seen standing in front of a white SUV after shopping for his favourite designer, Gucci.
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