I Will Never Get Tired Of Telling You How Evil Abortion Is – Nigerian Mum Laments

A Nigerian single mother Nkechinyerem Chima, took to Facebook to recount her 9-year-old son makes her happy.

According to the Nigerian single mother, she won’t stop short on telling people how abortion is evil, even though many people say they can’t marry single mothers. Here’s what she wrote as she shared photos of her son;

A lot of people say that the can’t marry a single mother!!!

Its your choice…..
I am a proud single mother of a nine years old dude.
I’ve no shame ..CU’s I didn’t murder him
Yes I know that in our culture many detest having kids outside wedlock.

But honestly I do not care….
If its not the will of God it won’t come to pass….

I am never a second handed Lady….
A proud boss lady
A proud God fearing mother

My son is not a dummy
He’s my joy
He’s always maintaining 1st position
A lay reader
A chorister

Am not even 28yrs old sef….
I HV got my degree….sef
I will stop at nothing to tell the world that abortion is evil….

Fellow single mothers…..
Be proud and work Harder….

He who laugh last …laughs best…