See The Cute Little Baby Who Began To Speak To People Before Age 1

The story has been told of the cute little baby boy who began to speak to people before he even clocked age 1.

This adorable child genius can read out loud and do his own washing — at only 14 months old.

Little Justus Smith could even talk before he turned one and said his first word – “da-da” – at just nine months.

Proud dad Justice said he is amazed at how his toddler has rattled through every development milestone in just a matter of weeks.

He can read and form lengthy phrases — an amazing feat that shouldn’t be conquered for at least another three years.

Even Justus knows how well he is doing as he flashes a grin at daddy when he interprets words and effortlessly reads them out.

Justice said: “My wife, Shaylla, and I realised pretty early on that Justus would be an early talker, but as we were first time parents we weren’t really sure what was considered average or ‘normal’.”

But he is humble not to take the credit — admitting Justus “gets his intelligence from his mum”.

Dad Justice, from Nashville, Tennessee, added: “Justus is like a super sponge at the moment, the way he catches and remembers so many things is quite staggering.

“I wish my mind and memory were as capable as his – we are beside ourselves with his abilities.

“We were absolutely floored when he just started seeing the words and saying them aloud without any coaching – it caught us completely off-guard.

“At first, we thought that maybe he’d just memorised them, but he is able to sound out words phonetically as well.

“Whether we’re home or out in public, he will yell out words that are on display – he gets really excited.

“Do we have the next Einstein on our hands? It’s certainly a possibility.”

The tot’s impressive run of achievements includes:

– recognising numbers up to 10

– knowing all of the upper case and most lower case letters of the alphabet

– doing his own laundry with minimal assistance

– sweeping clean the wooden floors — and fussing when he is not allowed to

– singing complex songs

Justice said: “We believe he could definitely give Einstein a run for his money in the history books.

“He’s interested in lots of things right now, but as his parents, we believe the best thing to do is let him know as he grows older all his options in this world are limitless – he can be whatever he wants to be.”

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