Atiku goes against popular belief, says fight against corruption not solution to Nigeria’s problem

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has described the current structure under which the Nigerian federation is being run as deformed.

He argues that good leadership or fight against corruption, will not be able to solve problems in the country resulting from the deformed structure.

This is against the popular and well argued belief in many quarters that corruption is the bane of the country’s development.

According to the former vice president, problems of corruption and other challenges plaguing the country are aided by the current structure under which the country is run, which also makes it more difficult for Nigeria to get the kind of leadership it wants.

He stated this in Lagos State on Thursday at a public presentation of a book entitled “In the belly of vultures” written by Adetola Adeniyi.

He said, “I say this because some of those who argue against restructuring keep saying that it is not our main problem. Some say it is good leadership that we lack. Others say it is corruption that we should focus on instead.

“We’ll, my position is that all are important and should be addressed. But to pretend that the critical issues thrown up by the current deformed structure of our federation will disappear as soon as we have good leadership or tackle corruption is to miss the point.”

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