9mobile unlimited free browsing and downloading are here again with WhatsVPN. 

You may be wondering what the hell is WhatsVPN? WhatsVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) app just like Psiphon VPN, Tweakware, Stark VPN and others that make your internet connection anonymous when browsing and same time allow you to penetrate into the available loopholes in your network provider.
With the latest WhatsVPN and 9mobile, you can now enjoy unlimited downloads from any website or app. Though for now, the free browsing is only blazing on Android but if you know-how, you can enjoy it on PC but let leave that aside. So how can you set up the WhatsVPN with 9mobile network on your Android and enjoy unlimited download or browsing? Kindly follow the below guide in other to join the league of free browsing.

How To Enjoy 9Mobile Unlimited Browsing And Download With WhatsVPN
🔄First of all, you need to download WhatsVPN on Playstore or direct download via this link here (APK).

🔄Secondly, download Advanced Download Manager (ADM) on Playstore or alternatively via here (APK).

STEP 1: Use the appropriate APN settings
APN: etisalat or 9mobile
APN type: default/supl
Proxy None/Leave it blank
Port: None/Leave it blank
Username: None/Leave it blank
Password: None/Leave it blank

STEP 2: Now, launch your WhatsVPN app, choose “Canada“ as your preferred server location, switch on your 9mobile mobile data connection if you haven't and tap on “Connect“.

Note: Make sure you have 0MB on your 9mobile line, otherwise, it will use out of your data. 

STEP 3: Now, go to the website you want to download your movie from and copy the ”Download link” of the file. 

STEP 4: Now, launch your ADM app you downloaded earlier, tap on the “+” sign and paste it to start downloading the file you copied earlier.

With this method, you can download unlimited files, including videos, games and many more. Of course, it’s slow but with time, you will be able to download unlimited file without spending a dime.#

So guys, have you tested it out? Did it work for you? Kindly share your experience with us via the comment box.


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